About Us

Proper upkeep of finances was not something taught to me at an early age. When I woke up one morning, I realized that I needed to get myself together. My car needed fixing, the rent was due, my child needed shoes, and I didn’t have enough money to stretch. Not to mention, my credit was HORRIBLE! I then decided that day, I would make a change! I started researching proper handling of finances, budgeting, and credit restoration. After getting myself back on track, I started to teach my family, friends, and those around me. I now have access to countless opportunities, stability, and I am able to build generational wealth for myself and my children. My ability to bandage up and repair my financial knowledge and help others has led me to become, The Powerhouse Boss . I’ve been able to create a stress-free lifestyle and freedom from bad credit and bad debt, and now my passion and mission are to help others do the same.